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Re: Light Software Center


Do you plan to add a package manager mode (so it could replace a more
full featured one like Synaptic for power users) or will it stay a
simple app store ?

Le mercredi 11 juillet 2012 à 12:10 +0200, Stephen Smally a écrit :
> Hi Guys, you may want to check out the new Light Software Center i wrote 
> (yes, the one we were talking about).
> It uses PackageKit (storing the basic informations in a SQLHeavy 
> database and retrieving details on the fly), its fast and lightweight (i 
> know the name is not cool, but i tried to keep it distro-agnostic).
> It's quite easy to port to another distro, but by default it depends on 
> app-install-data to load categories.
> I tried to do something in elementary style, i used a couple of granite 
> widget (just copying the files), and i partially implemented the Dan's 
> mockup (http://danrabbit.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4wj3cd), without any 
> screenshot.
> Keep in mind that is a basic version (still in development), designed to 
> be cool but fast, no clutter, no videos or so. Although is quite simple 
> implement them. In short, you can use it to built on your own software 
> center.
> Check the code at lp:light-software-center (is written in Vala, of course!)
> Project Homepage: https://launchpad.net/light-software-center
> there is an automake build system so just do:
> # To build the sources
> ./autogen.sh
> ./configure
> ./make
> # To build the database
> cd db-build && sudo ./dbbuild -d /var/cache/lsc-vala.db
> # Then you are ready to try
> cd .. && ./light-software-center
> Implemented features:
> * Category listing
> * Apps listing
> * Apps Info
> * Basic Install and Remove (a tiny InfoBox with a progressbar appear 
> under the toolbar)
> Lacking features:
> * Status in Apps list (you can understand if an app is installed only in 
> the app info)
> * Downloads view (aka decent Install/Remove)
> * Additional features (Reviews, Screenshots)
> Some obvious bugs needs to be solved (e.g. after install an app the info 
> view is not refresh
> Some screenshots:
> http://imagebin.org/220307
> http://imagebin.org/220308
> http://imagebin.org/220309
> http://imagebin.org/220310
> http://imagebin.org/220311
> http://imagebin.org/220313
> Cheers!
> Stephen Smally
> P.S. i don't know why, but with the elementary theme the GtkSpinner 
> doesn't spin, perhaps a theme bug?

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