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Re: Light Software Center


Whoa, this looks seriously cool! I couldn't try it myself yet, but I've
reported the bug I'm experiencing.

The build instructions have some typos in them, here's what worked for me:

# To build the sources
# To build the database
cd db-build && sudo ./dbbuild -d /var/cache/lsc-vala.db
# Then you are ready to try
cd .. && src/light-software-center

Spinner not spinning is a known bug reported at http://pad.lv/1020355
We did not suspect theme before; I've marked the theme as affected, thanks
for letting us know!

I wonder how extensible Light Software Center is. I'm pretty sure every DE
using it will eventually try to add more desktop integration features, e.g.
showing installation progress in application launcher (similar to what USC
does). Providing DE integration via extensions instead of forks would be

Regarding showing dependency tree, I'm not sure what problem would that
solve. It seems to be fine without it, so probably don't bother
implementing it.

Gotwig: yes. It's app-install-data, not USC who provides both descriptions
and translations, so we inherit them automatically.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary