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Release announcements


For those who don't know me yet: I'm Pim Vullers, my interest in
elementary is to enable the elementary experience on Gentoo Linux. For
this purpose I've created a portage overlay (this is similar to a PPA)
in which I've created ebuilds (these are build scripts since Gentoo is a
source-based Linux distribution) for all the elementary apps and libs
(available at https://github.com/pimvullers/elementary, other packagers
can also use this as a source of information on how to build packages).

Currently my overlay mainly contains live ebuilds, that is, the package
is build directly from trunk. With luna beta (slowly) approaching proper
releases will be made, and I'll be making stable ebuilds for those.
However, it is hard to keep track of all the various packages for new

Therefor this is a request to all developers (and designers in case of
themes) to *announce new releases on this mailing list* such that
packagers (like me for Gentoo Linux, but also others for other Linux
distributions) can include your newly released versions and offer the
elementary experience to a broader audience.

Thanks in advance,
Pim Vullers

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