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Vedo - Lightweight mplayer2 front-end for elementary OS


Hi there,

I've been working on a lightweight mplayer2 front-end application over
the past few days for the elementary project.  I'm not sure if this is
useful for anyone at the moment, but it's certainly useful for me.  I
suppose this very notion is the start for many software projects!
Here's a screenshot of what I have right now:
Obviously the player works with any type of video that mplayer2 is
able to play, I was just testing different subtitle and language

I suppose Vedo is yet-another-ambiguous-sounding software title, but
I've been pronouncing it like Vedō (Vay Dough).

Currently all of the core features are controllable with the keyboard:
   * Seeking
   * Opening a new video
   * Next / Previous Chapter
   * Volume control
   * Pausing
   * Full screen

Obviously I still need to add in a few more widgets (pausing,
stopping, volume, etc).  I'm trying to think of good places to place
them while keeping the somewhat minimal interface.  What do you guys
think?  Also, are there any other not-so-obvious features that you
would like to see with an mplayer2 front-end?

Finally, I noticed that WingPanel uses the GLPv3, is this a good
license to use with the elementary project?


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