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Re: X-GNOME-FullName


2012/7/23 Cassidy James <c@xxxxxxxxxxx>

> I'd say Slingshot should use Name in the normal view, FullName in search,
> and GenericName in tooltips. Window titles should show Name.
I'm quick to disagree :P
IMHO it's essential to show what the app actually does in the launcher,
while the codename is unimportant to an average Joe. Here's why.

For mere mortals applications are tools. Only FOSS geeks know Totem is
Totem, while to most it's a movie player. Likewise, nobody knows that
Stiletto Titanium is a hammer, except carpenters. In fact, using a stiletto
to drive a nail sounds... confusing, at least.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff

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