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Strategy regarding pantheon-files



I think that currently our biggest problem is to find a solution for the
developing process of pantheon-files. Let me to explain it better.

When we started to develop Files we decided to follow Marlin's development
and merge our file manager with all new code from the ammonkey's one but
now the compatibility is broken. Previously we was able to merge them
easily, without any addictional working, but now, after merging them, Files
needs a lot of changing to resolve all the conflicts which could destroy
all our work on it. I think that if we want to continue to have our good
file manager there are two possible solutions:

   1. We can ask ammonkey to get back (again?) but it won't be realized for
   2. We can switch to Marlin for Luna.
   3. We can break all the relationships between Marlin and Files code and
   continue our development alone

I think that the best proposal is the last one, even if we don't have a lot
of manpower.

This question should be solved before the beta release so please let me to
know your idea to continue Files developing soon.

Best regards,

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