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Hackfest update


Okay time for a small update. 

Firstly I think I agree with Sergey that the hackfest might be best invested in doing Luna release polishing so I will suggest holding this in January at some point. To get an idea of  travel costs I selected the 11th to the 18th, but this is really one of the areas where your input is needed.

I have been looking for venues in Frankfurt and I see there is a hackspace there, we used one such venue for the first GNOME & Mono hackfest 2 years ago. That place had no heating and little in terms of insulation (at that time of year in Europe that means fast and constant typing is needed to stay warm). On the plus side these tend to be free or at least very cheap to use. Similarly for the university there, and I understand we have a local student who might be helpful in getting me some contacts to talk to.

Money.. the eternal question. It would be nice if everyone could get me an estimate of travel expenses and who needs sponsorship to go. I have not had great feedback from companies yet but I am leaving for MonkeySpace in Boston on Monday and I will try to sweet talk some people there. I still think that crowd funding might be a good option so if Elementary are open to that as a group it would be helpful if we could have that campaign e.g. via ChipIn go out along with the Luna Beta. 

For that I will need to budget everything so please do go to a place like Momondo or Kayak and get me a rough price for your flight.

I am still looking for a hotel, preferably near the university that we can get a deal from alternatively options like airbnb or locals with sofas are a good option.

Visas should not be a problem for anyone in the EU and I understand that Sergey already has one but it runs out in Feb. American citizens are exempt from getting a German visa for stays under 90 days. That means Leonardo, Victor and Akshay will need to apply for one, I will be happy to help go through that process and provide advice on how to best prepare for such a trip (deportation can occur without reason as can harassment, so preparation is important).

Regardless even if we cannot get everyone flown in, just the "local" EU people should make for a fine event and I expect that the great European train system can get everyone there quickly and at low cost.

Finally I need someone to volunteer to be "virtual David" at the event, since I can contribute very little in terms of code it is wasteful to fly me in, also on the dates in question I will be in Denmark visiting my family for the first time in over a year so.. not able to attend. Regardless there needs to be a go to guy present at the event to take names and sign for things like the venue.

The always busy,
Uncle D

David Nielsen
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