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Re: Custom GTK+ scrollbars


Dan, I believe Paul describes the stock GTK+ scrollbars from elementary
theme, not Ubuntu's overlay scrollbars. Look at the pic :)

Paul, we're aware of the problem indeed; Harvey (one of elementary
designers) has already registered a blueprint for it and I've posted some
initial ideas on the whiteboard to kick off the discussion.
See http://elementaryos.org/journal/how-see-what%E2%80%99s-our-sleeves for
more info about blueprints and why we use them.

2012/10/28 Daniel Foré <daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Ah yes the current overlay scrollbars are indeed ugly haha. Who you want
> to contact about the way to do this is probably Andrea Cimitan (*andrea*.*
> cimitan*@canonical.com) who did Ubuntu's scrollbars. He would probably
> know the best place to start regarding how to implement such a thing.
> On Sun, Oct 28, 2012 at 10:07 AM, Paul Aspradakis <paul.aspras@xxxxxxxxx>wrote:
>> Hey everyone, I am new here and I would like to bring this to everyones
>> attention. Being a minimalist and a perfectionist on top I can't help but
>> notice how ugly the scrollbars look as opposed to the rest of the elements
>> of the window.
>> Setting the width of the scrollbar aside the main culprit is in my
>> opinion the fixed white background, here <http://i.imgur.com/X7qmA.png> is
>> a mockup of what an ideal scrollbar could look like.
>> Now someone on #elementary mentioned that if possible at all this would
>> require GTK+ itself to be patched so I thought I'd put this here to get
>> some feedback by developers. If this can be done and everyone agrees I'd be
>> more than happy to work on it myself.
>> P.S: I am a windows developer and have never worked in an open source
>> project like this so forgive me if this is in the wrong place.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary

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