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Re: elementaryos rapid prototyping


I can list a bunch of problems with this XD

First, Wingpanel does not feel like it's a part of a maximized window, and
yet it should because otherwise it's not clear which window will be closed
by that close button. For reference, Unity already suffers from this.

I don't like that empty space in the top right corner, but I like the
Maemo-ish idea of putting the shutdown indicator under the close button of
a maximized window that I just came up with :) It will require reversing
the window button order but that might be for good either way.

Another problem with this is that you cannot throw your mouse to a corner
of the screen and click there to open the apps menu, but I know a better

I have no idea what that "Awen..." label does up there, but that's where
the window title should go. Maybe clicking it should reveal the AppMenu
instead of requiring a toolbar for every app to show one; that will be a
fairly trivial WM patch under X and a piece of client-side cake in Wayland.

But I'm not a designer after all, so all of the above carries a huge IMHO

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary