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Accolades from the Community: Part I


So after the release of Luna beta1, there's been a huge amount of support and accolades from the community. Here are just a few:
elementary OS Luna beta 1 is not only beautiful, but it's also fast, lightweight and uses a consistent look throughout most of its default applications.~webupd8
I discovered Luna recently and I'm completely blown away now :-)Luna is now running on my desktop. I find it really stable, even if I'm running a daily build.As everyone already said, it is also really fast!Thank you so much for all your work! Never give up! :-)~nico87 on elemetaryos.org
Thanks elementary team! I just installed os, working awesome, and it's so beautiful ;)~kustra88 on elemetaryos.org
I must admit, elementary is very very pretty and super fast, even on my Dell mini 9!!! I find that I use elementary much more now. It is what they say it is. Simple and easy.~themiddaysun on webupd8.org
Hey guys, I don't use Elementary OS, but I just wanted to hop in here to give a big congratulations and thank you to the developers, designers, and everyone else that pours their blood, sweat, and tears into such an accomplishment. The kind of work you guys do sets the stage for me to introduce someone new to the world of Open Source technology without being looked at like a freak. You've got the right idea, and I thank you. \o/ Have a great day!~Scrivener on FreeNode
It's gonna be awesome - everything is so well designed and put together, just the login screen easing out towards you is a joy to watch, and the guiding ideal of simplicity in large and small has really paid off.~Brian Bentsen on webupd8.org
Oh you beautiful, beautiful people! Thanks for all your hard work! I can't wait to see how this OS progresses over then next months and years :D~gemn on elementaryos.org
congratulations to the fabulous team who've worked for so many days & nights. thanks a ton for giving us this.~ajit.pai.r on elementaryos.org
Nah, it deserves some serious attention everywhere. By an extremely wide margin, elementary OS is shaping up to be the greatest threat to OS X in the "design" and "user friendliness" departments. And don't even think for a second I mean that in a "big fish, little pond" sense. I seriously think their sense of design and the functionality of the OS they have created is better than OS X's, and I think with a little bit of time, end users would feel similarly. elementary just needs more software that conforms to their HIG.~bloouup on reddit
Elementary OS is awesome. It is the only OS I will recommend to those who have never used Linux before. Their applications menu makes it easy to discover all the installed programs and is easy to find (unlike Unity's Dash and Gnome Shell). The dock is easy to use for newbies. The performance is excellent. And it looks great out of the box. So many Linux distros look awful until you customize it. I think people really underestimate how important looks are when trying to attract new users. If your desktop looks like Windows 2000, and it's 2012, people aren't going to want to switch to it.~ MrKino99 on reddit
I greet the first beta of Luna with thunderous applause! Another distro I can actually show normal people and not scare them off. I'll get this on a notebook ASAP. Well done!~tkms on reddit

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