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Re: Accolades from the Community: Part I


Thanks for compiling those, it's awesome! I got some negative feedback too,
mostly on little things, let's not disregard those either :)

David "Munchor" Gomes
On Nov 14, 2012 11:01 PM, "Adam Davies" <adam.davies@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> So after the release of Luna beta1, there's been a huge amount of support
> and accolades from the community. Here are just a few:
> elementary OS Luna beta 1 is not only beautiful, but it's also fast,
> lightweight and uses a consistent look throughout most of its default
> applications.
> ~webupd8
> I discovered Luna recently and I'm completely blown away now :-)
> Luna is now running on my desktop. I find it really stable, even if I'm
> running a daily build.
> As everyone already said, it is also really fast!
> Thank you so much for all your work! Never give up! :-)
> ~nico87 on elemetaryos.org
> Thanks elementary team! I just installed os, working awesome, and it's so
> beautiful ;)
> ~kustra88 on elemetaryos.org
> I must admit, elementary is very very pretty and super fast, even on my
> Dell mini 9!!! I find that I use elementary much more now. It is what they
> say it is. Simple and easy.
> ~themiddaysun on webupd8.org
> Hey guys, I don't use Elementary OS, but I just wanted to hop in here to
> give a big congratulations and thank you to the developers, designers, and
> everyone else that pours their blood, sweat, and tears into such an
> accomplishment. The kind of work you guys do sets the stage for me to
> introduce someone new to the world of Open Source technology without being
> looked at like a freak. You've got the right idea, and I thank you. \o/
> Have a great day!
> ~Scrivener on FreeNode
> It's gonna be awesome - everything is so well designed and put together,
> just the login screen easing out towards you is a joy to watch, and the
> guiding ideal of simplicity in large and small has really paid off.
> ~Brian Bentsen on webupd8.org
> Oh you beautiful, beautiful people! Thanks for all your hard work! I can't
> wait to see how this OS progresses over then next months and years :D
> ~gemn on elementaryos.org
> congratulations to the fabulous team who've worked for so many days &
> nights. thanks a ton for giving us this.
> ~ajit.pai.r on elementaryos.org
> Nah, it deserves some serious attention everywhere. By an extremely wide
> margin, elementary OS is shaping up to be the greatest threat to OS X in
> the "design" and "user friendliness" departments. And don't even think for
> a second I mean that in a "big fish, little pond" sense. I seriously think
> their sense of design and the functionality of the OS they have created is
> better than OS X's, and I think with a little bit of time, end users would
> feel similarly. elementary just needs more software that conforms to their
> HIG.
> ~bloouup on reddit
> Elementary OS is awesome. It is the only OS I will recommend to those who
> have never used Linux before. Their applications menu makes it easy to
> discover all the installed programs and is easy to find (unlike Unity's
> Dash and Gnome Shell). The dock is easy to use for newbies. The performance
> is excellent. And it looks great out of the box. So many Linux distros look
> awful until you customize it. I think people really underestimate how
> important looks are when trying to attract new users. If your desktop looks
> like Windows 2000, and it's 2012, people aren't going to want to switch to
> it.
> ~ MrKino99 on reddit
> I greet the first beta of Luna with thunderous applause! Another distro I
> can actually show normal people and not scare them off. I'll get this on a
> notebook ASAP. Well done!
> ~tkms on reddit
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