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Re: How many luna-beta2 bugs?


Actually, because Shnatsel told me I could do this in Bash, I went ahead
this and turned it into a Bash one-liner:

echo $(expr $(curl https://launchpad.net/elementary/+milestone/luna-beta2 |
grep -c "sprite milestone") - $(curl
https://launchpad.net/elementary/+milestone/luna-beta2 | grep -c "Fix
Committed") - $(curl
https://launchpad.net/elementary/+milestone/luna-beta2| grep -c "Fix

That will output the *exact* number of bugs left for luna-beta2, my
original script wasn't as precise as that. Right now? 113 bugs.

On Sun, Nov 18, 2012 at 12:06 PM, David Gomes <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

> Curious about how many luna-beta2 bugs there are? I wrote a Python 3
> script (attached) that counts the number of unfixed bugs for luna-beta2
> from the luna-beta2 milestone page on Launchpad.
> It has a rather small margin of error and it's a bit hacky. Right now,
> we're at over 100 bugs.
> David "Munchor" Gomes

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