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eOS Boot CD Menu


Hi. I’m one of Korean translators.

I’ve found out that in Korean Booting Menu of eOS installation cd, it says
something like ‘Install Ubuntu’, instead of elementary os.

I’d like to change/localize this part sooner than other parts, so could
anyone tell me in what part of project this string is included.

If it isn’t translatable string in Rosetta, please correct the menu.

Thanks for your great work.

With Regards,

MinSik CHO



Have a nice day!

MinSik CHO, attending CheongShim International Academy

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Member of Ubuntu Korean LoCo Team, L10N Team

Member of Launchpad Korean L10N Team

Member of Launchpad’s Rosetta (Translation) Top Contributors, in Korean
Language (Ranked in 3rd place)

Translated ADW.Launcher (2.xx), Desk Notes, TomDroid, etc

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