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Luna Beta2 Progress Report


Hey hey hey,

I'm happy to announce that (as far as I can tell) there are only 9 bugs
still on the Luna beta2 milestone. Holy crap that's close! Here's the

* Gala: 2 bugs (1 incomplete, 1 confirmed)
* Granite: 1 new
* Pantheon Dock: 1 confirmed
* Greeter: 1 In-Progress, 1 confirmed
* Wingpanel: 2 Confirmed
* elementary OS: 1 Triaged

Damn son! So if you're not on this list, that means you should probably be
looking to release the next milestone of your app. Releases are good
because they bring more attention to the project: more devs and more bug
reports. So please please, if you weren't mentioned above lets make a
release, get a Journal entry written up (it doesn't have to be long), and
generally make some noise.

Also, if you have some time, please lend a hand to these projects that have
remaining tickets on the Beta 2 milestone. In particular, the one
elementary OS bug actually fully blocks us from creating new ISOs and
single-handedly holds us back from releasing beta2.

I'd like to conclude by giving a massive shoutout to all of you awesome
devs. You've been working super hard to crank out fixes for (mostly)
incredibly boring stuff. You're taking care of business. You're cleaning
house. This is what sets us apart from the other guys. It's the dedication
that you all show. So thank you all so very much.

Definitely looking forward to cranking out this milestone. This is no doubt
the most anticipated OS release in all of open source. Let's get Luna out
the freaking door. Blow some minds.

Best Regards,

Daniel Foré