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Re: Help needed for launch video and progress so far


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the suggestions.

Trung, unfortunately, my laptop is not recognizing my TV as an external
display with HDMI. I think it has to do with my graphics card using Optimus

Cody, you mean like this?
I think that looks good, and I'll look into it. But right now we have
another problem. Read on.

Raphael, thanks. I will post the videos soon. As for "elementary OS Luna,"
the only reason for it being so short is because the need to fit the music.
But alas, the composer just email me back this morning, stating that the
fee for licencing the song is $500 to $2000, although he can be flexible.
I'm going to email him back to tell him that we are not making any money
from this, but I don't think this will do much. In the mean time, I'm
already looking for other songs, so all the animations will change


On Mon, Mar 11, 2013 at 6:11 AM, My Subscriptions

> I think the "elementary OS Luna" should stay a little bit longer then a
> second on the screen, people who don't know what this is can't barely read
> and memorize the name in that short duration.
> You may publish the videos you want to have re-recorded for everyone, that
> will likely give you more results.
> - Raphael "Teemperor" Isemann
> 2013/3/10 piggy classy <thisispiggy@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Hey guys,
>> I've given up on trying to record a screencast on my laptop. I tried
>> Kazam and Eidete, and both are very laggy. I then installed Luna via VM
>> Player in Windows, but the recording from it also stutters.
>> So, could some one with a reasonably speedy computer with 16:9 ratio
>> screen help me with the screencasts? It's really simple, I'll send you my
>> laggy version of it for you to re-record on your laptop. Then, you send
>> your version back.
>> In the mean time, I've made some progress with the intro animation (watch
>> in full screen with 1080p. It really makes a difference):
>>  Luna.mp4<https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B62T4F5hnnXCRmxsN0MzNHJ5MFE/edit>
>> Even though it's only 5 seconds long, it took a lot of planning to make.
>> Simple text transitions like the first video<http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lw3fGLFqjHs> I
>> made? Not so much. The animation here with the logo and "elementary os
>> luna" mimics the fluid windows/popup animation that Luna has. Then, the
>> animation for "all in two minutes" (suggestion for a better four word
>> phrase, please?) is animated mimicking that of the shutdown dialog (card
>> stack up/down) and key framed one by one to fit the music. More animation
>> will then be added with drums building up tension, leading to the
>> introduction of individual apps in a similar manner:
>>  Midori.mp4<https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B62T4F5hnnXCTThwWmJnWTdzTzQ/edit>
>> And thus, we now have a very clean, organized, and informative way of
>> presenting what's new in Luna, instead of random meaningless adjectives and
>> clips.
>> What you guys think?
>> Piggy
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