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Re: Self-introduction: Michel Alexandre Salim


On 19-03-13 07:28, Pim Vullers wrote:
> On 19-03-13 03:18, Michel Alexandre Salim wrote:
>> Quick question: does the Elementary Dock have a hard dependency on
>> Unity? It's mentioned in the Luna page on the website but I've not
>> gotten that far in my packaging, so I can't tell yet if the dependency
>> is optional or a requirement.
> To first quickly answer your question, yes the Pantheon Dock does have
> an indirect dependency on libunity (a helper library for instrumenting-
> and integrating with all aspects of the Unity shell).

A quick correction, I just discovered that the libunity-webapps
dependency for BAMF is optional, so that would mean that pantheon-dock
does not depend on libunity.

> I did a quick search and found some packages depending on
> libunity(-webapps):
>  - slingshot (the application launcher)

Only use I could find using grep:
pim@chaos ~/elementary/slingshot $ fgrep -i unity */*/*
src/Backend/App.vala:  keywords = Unity.AppInfoManager.get_default
().get_keywords (desktop_id);

>  - switchboard (the control center)

pim@chaos /mnt/data/elementary/switchboard $ fgrep unity */*
src/Switchboard.vala:                update_libunity_quicklist ();
src/Switchboard.vala:        void update_libunity_quicklist () {

>  - bamf (dependency of pantheon-dock)

pim@chaos /mnt/data/elementary/bamf $ fgrep unity *
configure.ac:# libunity_webapps
configure.ac:                             [Enable libunity-webapps
configure.ac:  PKG_CHECK_MODULES(LIBUNITY_WEBAPPS, libunity_webapps-0.2)
configure.ac:  AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED(HAVE_WEBAPPS, , [Use libunity-webapps])

> I would like to get rid of this dependency, but haven't had time to
> investigate this. So for now I just also packaged libunity(-webapps).

So it shouldn't be to hard to make these dependencies optional.

I'll try to make the bugreports for switchboard and slingshot today.


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