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Re: The future of appcenter


2013/3/26 Goncalo Margalho <g@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> Hi all,
> first of all I want to congratulate Mefrio (which I don't know his real
> name) for the good work on the AppCenter.
> From my point of view the AppCenter should be completely online, like all
> the others appstore, like Play from google, (they have even the webversion
> which is fast so I don't see why it should be fast in an app).
> So what we can do it's make it completely online, so you will load
> everything from a server and if you don't have connection you can't see
> anything.
> Or an other alternative it's to keep it like now and in the single view
> (the one of the app that you want to install) load the reviews, images etc
> in background. This could be good but You still have to synchronize with
> new apps. and what about the apps that you need to pay? those ones may not
> be on the repositories so you don't see them. Another solution could be
> that on the load of the AppCenter you download those app and update the
> local dabase.
> Which one is the best solution for you?

Before we delve into possible solutions, could you clarify what is the
problem with the way AppCenter works currently?

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary

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