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Testing Round 2


Alright guys,

I think it would be a good start to select an application and try to start
writing tests with it. It seems like GLib's testing environment should be
satisfactory (see this:
however, Vala's development environment is too complicated for me (a Vala
noob) to get a project set up for tests. If someone would be willing to
volunteer to get GLib's testing set up for Noise (or something else if they
so desire) including a quick example test (so those of us with testing--but
not Vala--experience can have a starting point), I would be willing to
start writing tests and working with the project's primary developer(s) to
get them started toward Test Driven Development (other developers with TDD
experience also expressed interest).

This project could serve as a test to see how well TDD can work for
elementary, and, if the experiment is deemed successful, it could serve as
a model for other projects as well.

The above is the tl;dr version.

My "vision" for this experiment is that someone can set up Noise (or some
other project) for testing, and then I (and/or other volunteers) can start
writing a few tests for it and sort of coach the developers in TDD for the
purpose of getting the developers to a self-sufficient state before
potentially moving onto another project and doing the same.


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