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I found about elementary few days ago and I like it a lot. Please, I would
like to ask about your opinion or even make a feature request about "kits".

A kit provides some programatic functionality but as opposed to a library,
it is tightly integrated with the OS. I see that there are already a few
kits listed in "Technology" section of the site. I'm asking about even more
and more diverse kits.

For example in Cocoa there is PDFKit which can be use to display a PDF in
an application with just two lines of code. Or SceneKit which makes
displaying 3D content very simple. Or Qt has QGraphicsScene which makes it
easy to display and manipulate graphics. Or Mozilla XUL provides means for
parsing RSS/Atom.

The idea is that by providing many kits it would be easier to develop
applications for elementary.

Thanks for the feedback!

Ecir Hana

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