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Re: elementary and Ubuntu 13.04


On Sun, Jul 21, 2013 at 2:51 PM, David Gomes <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Long answer: even though most of our applications work on Ubuntu 13.04 and
> the likes, the Desktop Environment (Pantheon) as a whole doesn't for too
> many reasons for me to list. As soon as we release Luna, we will begin work
> on the next version of elementary OS and we will use a newer version of
> Ubuntu as a base so you'll have to wait until then to be able to use
> Pantheon 'decently' on these newer versions of Ubuntu. I'm very sorry but
> you'll have to be patient.

This brings to the next thing: Why should application development get
stuck because of OS freeze?

Maybe the development can be continued on trunk branch of the app, and
"luna" branch can get branched
from trunk when there is elementaryos code freeze.

The trunk should keep targeting the latest technologies. There was a
time when I had issues compiling
elementary apps because of latest vala being used (sometimes using
vala git master) and now the issue
is that all the apps I want to compile are dependent on older
versions. I am not sure, but even sqlite is
an older version in luna because it is based on precise.

The apps and components should be a bit detached from operating system
version so that the apps don't start
stagnating when elementaryos hits a freeze. If elementary has to be
based on ubuntu anytime, then the apps should
have their trunk branch always build against latest ubuntu otherwise
after any elementaryos release, all the apps
will have hell lot of work to do to build against latest technologies.
Call it a backlog of work.

Maybe some of the issues I raised has already been addressed, in which
case they should be taken as recommendation.


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