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Re: Luna +1's Name and Some Other Stuff


Yes, the codename is great, and thanks for the other news.
All seems very good.

Keep up the good work.

Best regards.


Le 16/08/2013 21:13, Alfredo Hernández a écrit :
> +1 for Isis, it feels completely right for elementaryOS.
> On 16 Aug 2013 21:09, "Daniel Foré" <daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> <mailto:daniel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:
>     Hey dudes (and hopefully a few dudettes these days),
>     First of all, congratulations to all of you on 100k+ downloads in
>     the first week. That is freaking killer. We're getting rave reviews
>     and (despite bug #1 being closed) we keep hearing from tons of
>     people that are first-time Linux users coming from Windows and Mac
>     OS. If you haven't been in contact with this positive energy yet, I
>     encourage you to hit up youtube for an ego boost. Now down to business!
>     I'm writing to announce the codename of the next elementary release:
>     "Wanking Wallaby"
>     Jk. What is this, Ubuntu?
>     I'm leaning strongly towards "Isis" for this one. It's short (2
>     syllables), should be generally pretty easy to pronounce, etc. Isis
>     is the egyptian mother god of the throne, "friend of slaves,
>     sinners, artisans, and the downtrodden". You can read up more about
>     her here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isis
>     Munchor says I should go full Hitler and not allow any arguments,
>     but if you think the name totally sucks you can definitely say that.
>     If not, let's go with it! (And even if so, we'll probably still go
>     with it!)
>     Also, I think in general most of us think it would be the best idea
>     to release Isis (see, I'm already going with it) as closely as
>     possible to Ubuntu 14.04. We have a lot to prove about our ability
>     to provide updates in a timely manner and we're getting some
>     negative feedback from developers/nerds about our 12.04 base. So
>     let's address that and make sure that elementary is the best open
>     platform for both users and developers (and I guess nerds too).
>     Cody is currently working on updating Congrego to spit out some
>     super bleeding edge Saucy-based builds. If any of you are already on
>     Saucy, you know how broken Pantheon currently is. Indicators and
>     Plugs are huge problems that we need to address. We're considering
>     moving both of these into lib peas plugins for Wingpanel and
>     Switchboard (respectively). Any feedback on that plan is very welcome.
>     In general, the first priority for Isis is going to be updating all
>     of our apps to compile/run with the latest libraries. You should
>     know that Midori with the latest webkitGTK is amazing. I'm working
>     on porting eGtk and it's going pretty swell. You should also know
>     that all the fancy libaccounts stuff is now available for someone to
>     start playing with so we can get sweet online integration. I believe
>     that Clutter with the touch-related bits is also available so that
>     is also very exciting for those of use that have a multi-touch
>     trackpad available.
>     Anyways, let's get rolling on this cycle. We have 8 months to become
>     even more awesome.
>     For the greater glorification of our Holy Mother Isis,
>     Daniel Foré
>     elementaryos.org <http://elementaryos.org>
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