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Re: Luna +1's Name and Some Other Stuff


Yay, bike shedding! Wait for me!

AFAIR the original plan was to use gods from the same pantheon for any
given series, Roman for the 0.x series specifically, hence the name of the
DE - Pantheon. So I looked for suitable Roman deities and I think I've
found a great one.

Continuing the trend, she's a Roman deity and has a celestial body in the
Solar system named after her. What's more, according to a myth that was
very widespread in late antiquity, she eventually moved to Egypt and became

Behold Io! The Roman Isis that comes with a celestial body and a domain
name hack!


By the way, turns out http://elementary.io is already registered by Cassidy
and currently redirects to elementaryos.org, so I feel like this was the
plan all along.

As for development, we have ~8 months till release, so this is going to be
an iterative cycle. We're obviously not going for Wayland or Mir or
anything equally new and fancy because that technology is not yet baked and
will not be on par with the time-proven base by 14.04. It does look like
we'll have another huge migration on our hands after that, though.

So I'd probably start off by getting rid of all the technical debt we might
have accumulated in the race to release and getting some tools to manage
the increased complexity we're facing, e.g. unifying the way CMake works,
providing better code documentation, adding some automated testing, etc.

Next, since we're making an iterative cycle, I'd stop acting and start
reacting. Like, make a list of things that people have trouble with in Luna
and fix them. I have compiled an [incomplete] list of gripes people seem to
have with Luna. Maybe we should run some user testing and see what causes

We can't afford organized user testing, but we could reach out to the
community - say, provide people with testing methodology and ask people who
spread elementary OS to carry out the testing and send in the results. Like
run a user testing sprint to identify the issues the target audience has,
and fix them. Sounds like a plan!

Long live Io!

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary

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