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about TDD (Test Driven Development)


I read some threads focusing on TDD, so I wanted to create one where we can
continue that conversation without being offtopic.

I'd say my two cent about TDD and elementary os development.
In my opinion our current environment is obstile to TDD for serveral reason:

1. Vala doesn't support TDD out of the box (  other languages do:
http://cobra-language.com/ )
2. GLib.Test is a unit test facility that is available to Vala
applications, however it's not as advanced as CppUnit, NUnit and equivalent
3. TDD is great for libraries and backends, not so much for GUI
applications and Database driven applications.
4. TDD needs lots of fakes and mocks to be written, and that could be very
time expensive ( and tedious sometimes )

Some references to Unit testing on vala apps:

feel free to comment


Daniele "OpenNingia" Simonetti

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