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Wanting to contribute with parallelising solutions


Hello everyone,

For the next few months I am to base a uni project on parallelizing an
existing program (or part of). I'd like to use this chance to contribute *
something* for the elementary project.

So, are there an elementary/community app maintainers that would know of
some task that would benefit from being parallel? It would be better if the
kind of task had significant improvement potential. If you're not sure
about the potential, I would still be interesting in being contacted.

Past reading documentation for vala, I'm not at all experienced in using
the language. But any memory model and parallelization specific problems I
find, I could approach the vala community. If you're suggestion is using C
and pthreads, then that could actually be better for both this projects
requirements and depth of contributed performance gain.

Thanks for reading. I hope to hear back from some people!

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