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Re: This might be a farewell


Thanks for all the hard work, Schnatsel!

I really think you helped building a 'nice touch of an operating system'

All the best for your future plans!

On 25-09-13 02:27, Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff wrote:
Hey guys,

As some (if not most) of you already noticed, I don't frequently do elementary-related development or even show up on IRC anymore. I find myself more and more out of the loop as time passes, which renders me unable to fulfill my self-proclaimed role of OS architect.

Besides, I feel that my job here is done.[1] The project doesn't truly need on me anymore, since I have passed on most of the "unique" knowledge/experience I possessed, and elementary already has people who know any specific area way better than I do anyway.

Finally, turns out it's some boring to be a guru. I do miss the personal growth, the process of discovering and mastering the subject and learning to solve new kinds of problems.

Thus I'm diverting my efforts to where they're more sorely needed, and diving into other fields of IT which I haven't yet mastered.

Also, I figured I'll be looking for opportunities of full-time employment in a year's time or so, and I can already imagine myself saying "...and I spent a few years in open-source development, but I have no evidence to back that statement whatsoever. Also I have no formal reports on the quality of my work." So, while the memory of my past deeds is still fresh (more or less), anything that might prevent the above scenario is greatly appreciated.

Yours faithfully,
Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff
Proud Contributor @ elementary

[1] Okay, there's still a couple of things I want to influence, but they're mostly design-related, like FIX SWITCHING BETWEEN THE WINDOWS OF THE SAME APP VIA PLANK FOR DANRABBITS SAKE!!!

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