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Re: Sample contractor client


2014-01-30 Heath Paddock <heath@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Does this require libgranite2?

Yes, it does. This is one of the two new symbols I added a while ago; I'm
not sure why they're exclusive to libgranite2 - they're just additions, not
breaks - but looks like they are. Oh well.

libgranite2 should be available on Luna from Daily PPA (or maybe not
anymore - Cody was looking to delete them).

If you can't get your hands on libgranite2... The required function is
trivial, so you can copy-paste it from
toy with the example on libgranite1.

Also, the compile line in the comments section at the top of the file uses
> the wrong file name.

I'll fix that and add a note about libgranite2 momentarily. On very recent
distros it may require gee-0.8 also instead of gee-1.0.

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff

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