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Re: Anyone coming to FOSDEM 2014?


Okay, it's there and back again! I've just arrived home, got only 1 hour of
sleep on the plane, so take everything I say in the next 18 hours with a
grain of salt.

FOSDEM was tons of fun! I've kicked it off by donating to GNOME - "Hey
guys, I'm from elementary, we need you to keep up the good work on the
libraries!", to Libre Graphics Magazine - "Oh, you're from elementary? You
guys have some great designers!" (btw, great magazine, I definitely
recommend it to everyone in here who's interested in design), to TOR just
to get an awesome Snowden
and finally running into a guy from Jolla totally by accident, finding out
the Jollla schedule for the day and then sieging him with questions - "Y U
NO ship to Russia?!" and so on.

I really look up to the ex-Nokia developers and designers who went on to
found Jolla - Maemo was a-w-e-s-o-m-e and Sailfish is going to be even
better! So I proceeded to attend their talk about libhybris and then their
community roundtable (it seems my experience making distros and poking
security has come in handy) and finally a community dinner, whee! Now I
know everything I ever wanted about their phone, even got to play with one
for a while. Also chatted with the developers (my N900 caused quite some
nostalgia), plus I got a free hat with "Jolla" on it. Fanboy's dream come
true, that!

I kinda missed having an elementary tee, I guess I should have ordered one
in advance. No instant props out of nowhere! Looking back, I don't think I
ever did anything not worthy of a representative of the project (for
once!), so hopefully next year...
Too bad nobody else of ours made it there - or just never told me? I'd love
to meet you guys in person. In your absence I had to hit up random Mozilla
guys and discussing fun stuff like Rust and Serval. When I could find them,
anyway :(

And man, the talks! There were just so many of them! I'll be watching the
ones I missed later on the recordings <http://video.fosdem.org/> for sure.
No way you can attend all the interesting ones in just two days. For the
security- and privacy-concerned like me I especially recommend the "NSA
operation ORCHESTRA" keynote, it's great. Software archeology also, for the
general audience. And "What's cooking in GStreamer" will be interesting to
people who work with it.

By the way, Brussels itself is very nice - amazing sculptures everywhere! A
lot of lions among them, too. The royal square alone can be studied for
hours. Definitely recommended.

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