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Glad you touched on security & privacy concerns. I am new to the elementary dev community, but I am wondering if there has been any talk among the team in this regard. I was drawn to elementary for its simplicity and beauty but at the same time I have strong concerns about security and privacy, more so in light of the NSA revelations.

In that regard, I am wondering if the team has discussed switching to debian as the base because it seems that ubuntu cares less about their users and privacy these days.


On 4 February 2014, at 23:35 , Sergey Shnatsel Davidoff wrote:

> Okay, it's there and back again! I've just arrived home, got only 1 hour of sleep on the plane, so take everything I say in the next 18 hours with a grain of salt.
> FOSDEM was tons of fun! I've kicked it off by donating to GNOME - "Hey guys, I'm from elementary, we need you to keep up the good work on the libraries!", to Libre Graphics Magazine - "Oh, you're from elementary? You guys have some great designers!" (btw, great magazine, I definitely recommend it to everyone in here who's interested in design), to TOR just to get an awesome Snowden poster, and finally running into a guy from Jolla totally by accident, finding out the Jollla schedule for the day and then sieging him with questions - "Y U NO ship to Russia?!" and so on. 
> I really look up to the ex-Nokia developers and designers who went on to found Jolla - Maemo was a-w-e-s-o-m-e and Sailfish is going to be even better! So I proceeded to attend their talk about libhybris and then their community roundtable (it seems my experience making distros and poking security has come in handy) and finally a community dinner, whee! Now I know everything I ever wanted about their phone, even got to play with one for a while. Also chatted with the developers (my N900 caused quite some nostalgia), plus I got a free hat with "Jolla" on it. Fanboy's dream come true, that!
> I kinda missed having an elementary tee, I guess I should have ordered one in advance. No instant props out of nowhere! Looking back, I don't think I ever did anything not worthy of a representative of the project (for once!), so hopefully next year... 
> Too bad nobody else of ours made it there - or just never told me? I'd love to meet you guys in person. In your absence I had to hit up random Mozilla guys and discussing fun stuff like Rust and Serval. When I could find them, anyway :(
> And man, the talks! There were just so many of them! I'll be watching the ones I missed later on the recordings for sure. No way you can attend all the interesting ones in just two days. For the security- and privacy-concerned like me I especially recommend the "NSA operation ORCHESTRA" keynote, it's great. Software archeology also, for the general audience. And "What's cooking in GStreamer" will be interesting to people who work with it.
> By the way, Brussels itself is very nice - amazing sculptures everywhere! A lot of lions among them, too. The royal square alone can be studied for hours. Definitely recommended.
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