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Apparently Luna works on VIA GPUs!


Hey guys,

Just a fun fact: turns out Luna works fine on VIA GPUs so old that they're
not supported by the official binary blobs! Here's a screenshot:

It doesn't exploit 3D acceleration so Gala renders everything via LLVMpipe,
but it doesn't fry the elderly CPU in the process! And if I swap Gala for
Metacity it can play fullscreen videos from YouTube too.

Props and kudos to people who worked on hardware support in Ubuntu 12.04;
I'm pretty sure they never had access to such GPUs but they made them work
out of the box nevertheless. Even the Plymouth boot screen is rendered in
the usual fancy way - and I'm sure OpenChrome KMS wasn't baked back then,
so it's some kind of magic they use there...

Sergey "Shnatsel" Davidoff

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