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Developing for Isis


I'm trying to work on a Switchboard plug, but after grabbing the branch for
a sample plug from Launchpad, it seems that I require Switchboard 2.0.
According to the blog post by the core developers, it only exists in Isis.
So how am I supposed to develop anything for Isis with without being able
to use it? Some people on the Google+ page recommend getting Ubuntu 14.04
and installing the elementary PPA's, but then a core developer will come
along and shoot that person down, saying that that method isn't actually
Isis (i.e It lacks some sort of packages or something), and therefore isn't
valid (Or something along those lines). Maybe I'm just not searching hard
enough. There seems to be this massive campaign from the core devs to "Get
Involved", though there's for me to test my "involvement" on. The whole
point of releasing a beta is for developers to test their software. I also
understand that if you released a beta for developers, people who are not
developers would just jump all over it. Surely there's someway to bridge
that gap. I hate to be "that guy" that just criticizes, so I'd love to help
out in getting some sort of developer documentation going. I've the seen
the Google Doc, and read the site, while they're helpful in some extents,
they surely don't cover what I've explained above.


*Mark Raymond Jr.*

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