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Re: Developing for Isis


You can develop for Isis in Ubuntu 14.04, it's not Isis, but you don't
need Isis, you need to use some libraries. These libraries are a lot
easier to install if you use Ubuntu 14.04, because I don't know if
there are any usable Isis builds or if the scripts are working, the
last time I tried, it didn't work.

So, install Ubuntu 14.04 and the elementary daily ppa, then you will
need a newer version of Gtk. I recomend you to download and manually
install the packages from here (instead adding the ppa):


only install what you need, be careful because you can break your system.

2014-04-08 23:33 GMT-04:00 Mark Raymond Jr. <markrtoon@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I'm trying to work on a Switchboard plug, but after grabbing the branch for
> a sample plug from Launchpad, it seems that I require Switchboard 2.0.
> According to the blog post by the core developers, it only exists in Isis.
> So how am I supposed to develop anything for Isis with without being able to
> use it? Some people on the Google+ page recommend getting Ubuntu 14.04 and
> installing the elementary PPA's, but then a core developer will come along
> and shoot that person down, saying that that method isn't actually Isis (i.e
> It lacks some sort of packages or something), and therefore isn't valid (Or
> something along those lines). Maybe I'm just not searching hard enough.
> There seems to be this massive campaign from the core devs to "Get
> Involved", though there's for me to test my "involvement" on. The whole
> point of releasing a beta is for developers to test their software. I also
> understand that if you released a beta for developers, people who are not
> developers would just jump all over it. Surely there's someway to bridge
> that gap. I hate to be "that guy" that just criticizes, so I'd love to help
> out in getting some sort of developer documentation going. I've the seen the
> Google Doc, and read the site, while they're helpful in some extents, they
> surely don't cover what I've explained above.
> Thanks,
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> Mark Raymond Jr.
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