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Re: [Elementary-translators] Mess in the translations privileges



> I've noticed that members from
> https://launchpad.net/~elementary-pantheon and
> https://launchpad.net/~elementary-apps are able to accept and
> review translations. This in theory should not be possible at all,
> should it?

Yes it should be/must be possible, because they can commit code, and
with that also change the po/pot files.

> Anyway, if that's the case, *please do not attempt to translate
> (accept and review, actually) applications unless you are a member
> of the l10n teams. *I know people want to collaborate with
> elementary, but that's why we have structured teams.
> I've encountered with several badly translated strings (just
> because I keep a pretty meticulous track of modifications dates of
> all the elementary apps) made (accepted and reviewed) by people
> that are not members of any l10n team. Because of that, I (and the
> whole l10n community, for the matter) have to lose time looking for
> these strings and correct them; time that could be used to actually
> translate strings from programs that are not fully translated.

I think they only want to help :)

> *So please*, if you really want to collaborate in the localisation
> process of elementary OS, follow the correct process (i.e., apply
> to a Tralsators Team). If you happen to have privileges to accept
> and review translations (because of the reasons mentioned above),
> make them available only as suggestions, as they DO help us in the
> localisation process.

You are right, however there are also teams that don't follow that
progress at all like the french-team.


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