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Why I Can't EVER Recommend People Use elementaryOS.


Hello elementaryOS team,

I have previously expressed my disappointment with elementaryOS on the 5
Myths blog posts because it actually claims something is a myth when it is
not, here: http://elementaryos.org/journal/5-myths-about-elementary (search
for MichaelTunnell to see my comment)

Myth: "*Luna is outdated*"
That is not a myth, that is an undeniable fact. I was talking to voldyman
and he said a response that I have heard from many people on this topic.
"It might be old for you but it isn't old for the people who use it."

The above response is a fallacy. The packages in Luna are OLD and therefore
elementaryOS is old even after Freya comes out elementaryOS will still be

Whether people care about it being old or not is a different subject. There
are many many people who do not care that the packages are old but that
doesn't change the fact that they are old.

Unfortunately, there are also some people who don't understand that the
packages are in fact very old and these people are actually in the worst
position because they might care but just don't know about the package age

I like elementaryOS as a whole because Pantheon is a pretty cool DE,
Slingshot is a pretty nice AppMenu, and there a lot of cool ideas done in
elementaryOS in general. Unfortunately, as a Project Manager for an App and
as a Linux user who cares about the mystical "new user", elementaryOS
actually disappoints me and forces me to recommend people not even try it.


We continued to get support requests from elementaryOS users about a
version of our app that has been deprecated for years. It became so
tiresome that we created a page just to explain to elementaryOS users that
they should never install our app from the official repo and should ONLY
use the PPA. - http://ugetdm.com/downloads-elementary


There are many methods to address this issue and I would be happy to assist
in figuring out which method is the best if the project team are interested
in solving this but at this point I have no choice but to tell people not
to use elementaryOS unless they are willing to use a PPA for everything.

Just so you know, I do not bring up the subject of elementaryOS with anyone
and I do not search for people to tell not to use it. I do not want to have
to say to people not to use it but at this point, if someone asks me for my
opinion I will give it honestly.

I wish I didn't have to steer people away from elementaryOS because it does
have a lot of potential but 3 year old, or older, packages (like mine) are
not at all acceptable to me.

Michael Tunnell
www.MichaelTunnell.com <http://michaeltunnell.com>