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For Clarification, Here is a Possible Solution


I have many ideas to solve the issue but I was told to not express them all
but it could have been my fault or maybe it was a miscommunication. (I
think it was a miscommunication but I do not have proof of that and the
person in question refuses to admit fault. lol)

Anyway, the first solution that comes to mind is Ubuntu Backports. Ubuntu
is slow in this as well so this is not the final solution to the issue but
it is a method to address a lot of the potential outdated packages.

If Ubuntu Backports for 12.04 were moved into elementaryOS it would solve a
lot of issues. In Freya, it already has 14.04 packages which is better but
still not ideal. The issue will still continue to exist Freya while 14.04
Backports could provide a solution.

There are other solutions such as a separate repository for elementaryOS,
Trusted PPAs, Trusted Users like Arch to maintain some packages, Trusted
Projects to submit packages to the elementaryOS separated repo and more
options as well.

Though there are many options to solve this problem, I think Ubuntu
Backports support is probably makes the most sense as the first step to a

Michael Tunnell
www.MichaelTunnell.com <http://michaeltunnell.com>