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Translation for 'custom'.


Hello there,

What so you think we should do with the term *custom*? The Oxford
Dictionaries don't accept it as British word, actually they specify that
it's a North American word:
adjective*[attributive]* *North American*


made or done to order; custom-made:*a custom guitar*

My personal proposal is using the word *customised*, which on hand has the
same meaning, but on the other hand might sound a little bit forced and
unnatural (e.g., *customised folder*).
verb*[with object]*

   - modify (something) to suit a particular individual or task:*the
   software can be customized to the developing needs of your students*(as
   adjective *customized*)*many caterers offer private tastings and
   customized menus*

What do you think, mates.

Regards, Alfredo.


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