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Re: Portuguese and Brazillian Portuguese translations


I think we should absolutely have a Portuguese group.

Sure, lots of words are written the same way, but there are still places where it makes sense to have different translations (expressions that only make sense in a certain country, for example). There are also words that we don't use and people use in Brazil.

I know I would hate to use a system with a Brazilian Portuguese translation.

On Sáb, Set 22, 2012 at 11:10 , Eduard Gotwig <gotwig@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Ivo wants to create a translator group for Portugese.

2012/9/16 Eduard Gotwig <gotwig@xxxxxxxxxx>
If you think, so ok :-) I am neutral in this area becouse I don't have enough know how here, sry.

2012/9/16 David Gomes <david@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Hey there gotwig,

There is no Portuguese Translations group, I could make it myself but I think it's better if Brazil and Portugal have the same operating system language.

Is there anything you have to say about this?

David "Munchor" Gomes

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