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Getting more translations


Dear elementary translator,

Today, I ran into an issue with the translation.

By design, we are providing to the user a list of languages translated into the said language (français, Deutsch…). To not duplicate the work, we are using the translation provided by the domain called "iso_639_3" (the norm that lists each language name and variants).

It's where the issue comes from, this domain is mainly translated by the "Translation Project", it would be nice if each of you could sign in this project and at least make sure that your own language name is translated in your language (ref link: http://translationproject.org/domain/iso_639_3.html )

These translations will then be used in a large range of projects (Debian and Ubuntu for example).

I would be happy to help you if you encounter any problem with this,
Kind Regards and many thanks for your hard work !

Corentin Noël
elementary Developer & French translator