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Re: [Question #188754]: cannot view or support epoptes clients


Question #188754 on Epoptes changed:

    Status: Needs information => Open

Jori Gel gave more information on the question:
Hi alkis,

1. yes, indeed I ment <epoptes-client -c>. That was a real lapsus,

2. misunderstanding . . . I didn't put <epoptes-client -c> into any kind
of boot-environment. I said I had to repeat it after every boot to make
the whole thing work, because I tried to do it in chroot once and that
didn't work.

3. Your discription now did the job so I finally could pick the key and
pack it into the image. Don't know what went wrong the first time. Most
probabely I made a mistake. So thank You.

4. what I wanted to put into a boot environment and was looking for a
place to do it was the <epoptes-client> order (without -c). This has to
be started after every (client-) boot (if I want the client to be ready
to interact with epoptes) as far as I understood Your instructions in
the fat client wiki page, hasn't it?

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