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[Question #244473]: Errors 104 and 111


New question #244473 on Epoptes:

I have been using epoptes for quite a long time with great success but now I have a problem.
I can't broadcast my screen to the pc's in the computer lab. 
I can lock and unclock client desktops, connect remotely and assist individuals but when I try to broadcast my screen in the clients a window pops up (in all clients) indicating erros. In some clients the error code is (104): "Connection reset by peer" and in some others the error code is (111): "Connection refused".
My server and clients are Ubuntu 13.04 (fat clients) and I don't use firewall (ufw) on the server. I can telnet from a client to server's port 5900 which means that the port is not blocked.
I have tried removing (purging) and installing epoptes and epoptes-client from the server but with no luck. 
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

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