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[Bug 1376552] Re: Epoptes clients disconnect from server randomly


Hi gdi2k,

the server syslog doesn't help, it wouldn't catch the temporary network disconnection event of the client.
Please follow the troubleshooting procedure that I described in my previous comment, i.e. run epoptes-client from the command line and check its output. Or/and post the dmesg/syslog of the LTSP client, not of the server.

> I feel that nbd would be taken down too and the machine would become
unresponsive, which does not happen.

No, nbd timeout is longer than 17 seconds, and in recent versions it also supports reconnections.
And of course the client doesn't read from NBD all the time as it's caching much of it.

You can

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  Epoptes clients disconnect from server randomly

Status in Epoptes:

Bug description:
  Normally, if a user is logged into a machine, epoptes displays an icon
  of the user's screen and shows user information etc.

  However, sometimes the icon turns to the "fat" icon mid-session,
  without the user having logged out. I understand that this means that
  the epoptes client has disconnected from the epoptes server.

  We get this about 2 - 3 times per day on different clients (no
  noticeable pattern as to which clients). We have about 35 fat clients.
  Once it happens, it stays that way - the user's screen never returns.

  If I monitor such a machine, the monitoring works fine (VNC window
  opens showing user's desktop etc.).

  I've attached a screenshot showing client 152 (fat icon), it's
  properties (blank), and the VNC session associated with that client
  (active user session).

  Happy to provide any diagnostic info!

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