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Re: [Question #271662]: epoptes-client crashes in a few minutes


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Fotis Tsamis proposed the following answer:
Hi Samuele,

the problem is not in Epoptes and it's not in Linux Mint.
It is in the sodilinux CD.
The people that build it for some reason installed their own version of x11-utils, with version 10 instead of the current 7.7.
It is not a normal x11-utils package, it doesn't have xprop or the other utilities. I don't know why they did that but are definitely shipping their own broken version for a reason.

I can tell you how to install a normal x11-utils 7.7 version that will
overwrite the broken sodilinux version, but the proper way to solve it
is to contact the sodilinux people and to tell them to fix their
x11-utils package.

To verify the problem yourself, run:
apt-cache policy x11-utils
dpkg -L x11-utils

Compare the output of those commands from your sodilinux installation
and from an Ubuntu or Linux Mint live cd or installation.

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