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Re: [Question #272700]: Thumbnail missing on fat client


Question #272700 on Epoptes changed:

    Status: Open => Needs information

Fotis Tsamis requested more information:
In the title you mention: fat client, but in your question you mention
"red screen". Does red screen mean the red epoptes icon for standalone
clients? So, first things first, are you on an LTSP installation with
fat LTSP clients or are the clients standalone?

In any case when you see a computer with an "std", "fat", or "thin" icon
in epoptes, it means that the root epoptes-client is running and
connecting properly, when you see live thumbnails, it means that the
session (per-user) epoptes-client is running and connecting properly.

In your case it's probably a misconfiguration of epoptes-client starting
automatically. Have you been playing with any autostart settings?

We may investigate your issue better in IRC, if you want you can go to
Epoptes → Help → Live chat (IRC) and ping me. My nick is Phantomas.

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