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Re: [Question #272700]: Thumbnail missing on fat client


Question #272700 on Epoptes changed:

    Status: Needs information => Open

George Burdo gave more information on the question:
These are standalone clients, though I will be experimenting with fat
LTSP clients in another lab in a couple of weeks.

The clients that I had installed 0.5.7 (and those that have been
upgraded to 0.5.8) always show the red “std” icon when powered up. This
shows even when a student is logged in and using the system. I can
preform all other functions, just the thumbnail and complete label
aren't working properly. On labels, I have selected “Computer (user)”
and it always shows just the computer name. When these systems are
turned off, Then I get the gray power icon.

On clients that I installed 0.5.8 (no prior installation of 0.5.7), I
see the gray power switch regardless of the system being powered down,
or powered up but no user. When a user logs in, then I get the thumbnail
and the full label of Computer(user).

Here's a link to a partial screen shot of the teacher's console:

E3 is in use (original 0.5.8 install) showing thumbnail
F1 is in use (upgraded to 0.5.8) (same icon appears in either usage state) showing red “std”
H2 is powered up, but no user logged in (original 0.5.8 install) showing grey power switch
H3 is in use (original 0.5.8 install) showing thumbnail

>From teacher's machine:

gaburdo@LB220-teach:~$ ps aux | grep epoptes
root      1016  0.2  0.3  81776 12932 ?        S    06:08   0:45 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/twistd --pidfile /var/run/epoptes.pid --logfile /var/log/epoptes.log epoptes
gaburdo   7951  0.0  0.0  15940   940 pts/1    S+   11:10   0:00 grep --color=auto epoptes

>From client machine:

gaburdo@lb220-d5:~$ ps aux | grep epoptes
root      1186  0.0  0.0  21832  2584 ?        S    10:42   0:00 socat openssl-connect:lb220-teach:789,cafile=/etc/epoptes/server.crt,interval=60,forever EXEC:bash -c \"exec -a epoptes-client sh\"
root      1358  0.0  0.0   4440   716 ?        S    10:42   0:00 epoptes-client
gaburdo   3574  0.0  0.0  11744   928 pts/7    S+   11:06   0:00 grep --color=auto epoptes

gaburdo@lb220-d5:~$ sudo epoptes-client
[sudo] password for gaburdo: 
* Epoptes-client connecting to lb220-teach:789...                                                               ...done.

I did perform a reboot after installation.
No startup options have been changed. 
I'm a classroom teacher, with network experience, though short on linux experience. This has been a hectic year, so chats are likely out of the picture (I have spent the last three hours trying to get this together in between questions.) 


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