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Re: [Question #272700]: Thumbnail missing on fat client


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Fotis Tsamis proposed the following answer:
epoptes-client is designed to run both as root (this is how you can see
the red standalone icon) *and* as user, for each user logged in on the
client pc (this is how you can see the thumbnails, and the username

We achieve that, by using ifup hooks for the root epoptes-client
instance, and by an /etc/xdg/autostart entry for a per-user epoptes-

I tested in a fresh 14.04.1 Ubuntu installation. Installing epoptes-
client, and rebooting worked out of the box, with thumbnails showing
normally and icons too.

" F1 is in use (upgraded to 0.5.8) (same icon appears in either usage state) showing red “std” "
In this case, according to the output of ps aux, on the client machine you ran it, epoptes-client is running only as root, that's why you probably don't see thumbnails in this client (lb220-d5). This means that for some reason epoptes-client is not automatically starting when your user logs in. Please make sure that Epoptes client service is checked in Ubuntu's Startup Applications dialog in this computer. If it's not checked, someone unchecked it for that user.

" H2 is powered up, but no user logged in (original 0.5.8 install) showing grey power switch"
In this case, the opposite of F1 applies: root epoptes-client is not running, but user epoptes-client is. Please confirm by running ps aux | grep epoptes on this client too when logged in. Also try manually running sudo epoptes-client, to see if the root client fails to connect for some reason.

Regarding the chat, I'm pretty sure we would both have saved at least a couple of hours if we could test things live and pinpoint the misconfiguration in your setup instead of writing essay-sized replies here. Please note that the screenshot you are providing is not public, therefore I cannot see it. Also you didn't execute epoptes-client as a user (without sudo) in another terminal as I described in my reply (3d step), therefore I still don't have a complete image of what's going on.

All these probably consume 5x more time for both of us than live
troubleshooting, time that you could have spent in enjoying epoptes'
features, and me developing more of them. :)

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