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Re: [Question #644756]: client desktop disappear after logout


Question #644756 on Epoptes changed:

gengiskunk posted a new comment:
I've made different try changing different distros on the teacher pc.
When it's installed edubuntu 14.04, xubuntu 17.04 and ubuntu 17.04 the teacher can see red pc icon, assist it when the student is on "login screen"  and even login with success.

That doesn't work with edubuntu 14.10, xubuntu 16.04, and xubuntu 16.10.
I've tried also to run sudo epoptes-client in tty1, the icon didn't disappear but turned black without any white scripts. (in 14.10, 16.04, 16.10. I didn't try in the the three versions)

I've notice that on 17.04 distros I've tried is installed tigervnc-
viewer instead xvncviewer which is on xubuntu 16.10 (i've on verify with
this version).

Maybe that can be the problem. What do you think?

I hope I made myself clear

Another thing..... but perhaps it needs a new topic..........
in every situation the red icon disappeared at logout when the student pc is connect with wifi, even if the share folder on it was reachable and the ping test was ok.

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