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Re: [Question #668454]: Epoptes service not starting on KDE Neon (Ubuntu 16.04


Question #668454 on Epoptes changed:

Uclio Dinobi gave more information on the question:
No answers so far :-(

Looks like I am the only one to experience this... did I miss anything
already reported to the mailing list ? No beautiful soul who can give me
a little help?

Further info (please let me know if you need something more) I forgot to
give related to the packages which seems to be involved :

dpkg -l python-attr  -> 15.2.0-1
dpkg -l python-twisted (-bin, -core) -> 17.9.0-1+16.04+xenial+build1
dpkg -l python-automat  -> 0.6.0-1+16.04+xenial+build1

I directly tried the "python .../epoptesd.py" command because
"/etc/init.d/epoptes start" yields "usr/bin/twistd: Unknown command:

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

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