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This is Google Translated : 

Hello good Morning. I wanted to make some suggestions for the Epoptes versions.

1 - Scale / Stretch, the client window that I see in a window. when I want to view from the server computer.
This is because many times on the server computer, I start student machines that have a higher resolution than my computer. Then I will be more comfortable if it is adjusted to the resolution of mine. Similar to when one presses Host + C in VirtualBox. that you scale the content of the window.

2 - That the Epoptes keep more information about the clients. I would like that when clicking on "Information" I could visualize

The architectures supported by the cpu (part of the lscpu output)
The architecture of the operating system installed (Obviously only if it is a Linux and/or GNU/Linux distribution)

3 - When the client computer is in "Blocked Screen" when trying to control it. do not see only the black window from the server.

4 - Enable a common conversation window where the Server and all the clients associated with the server can participate

5 - Being able to use multiple servers to create different groups. I ask this, because in my place of work there are currently 4 classrooms. 3 on the same floor, and 10 floors above. so I need to be able to create groups to manage the 4 rooms.

I have 4 machines that have their own Epoptes server. each connected to a different VLAN but interconnecting.
therefore I would like to put my vlan

Since in those I have the epoptes servers that correspond to each classroom.

Thank you very much for reading

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