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Re: overcommit rates


On 23 June 2014 23:02, Dmitry Borodaenko <dborodaenko@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Adding a configuration variable that can easily be changed after
> deployment is completed into Fuel is a slippery slope, you risk
> spamming the already overcrowded Fuel settings page with dozens of
> trivial (and not so trivial) options from every OpenStack component.

While I agree, the fact of the matter is that Fuel facilitates the
deployment of configuration to all nodes in the environment in a consistent
manner. This is essential to deploy a reliable and supportable environment.

In order to maintain the simplicity of the UI, but also provide access to
OpenStack's customisable configuration, why not do something like add an
'advanced' button into the UI. Under there, the additional options can be
provided, and things that are already 'Advanced' (like the scheduler, the
Ceph replication factor, etc) can move under the 'Advanced' button for each

An additional very beneficial feature in the Advanced section would be to
allow any arbitrary key-value pairs for any settings that a user may wish
to deploy into the configuration files for the appropriate system (eg:
nova.conf). The user can be warned that these will not be validated and
that they are used at the user's own risk. This can allow any number of
OpenStack underlying features to be used without requiring a specific UI
for it.

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