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Re: [geda-user] Re: [Geda-developers] git.geda-project.org permissions change


> To date I still wait for somebody showing me an incident where harm
> actually happened.

The goal is to prevent harm, not react to it.  I really want to grow
geda's developer community, but there's always a risk with new people,
and the risk grows as the community grows.  My current policy about
new developers is to err on the side of them helping us, which further
increases the risk.  People who have earned more priviledges can
easily be given them.

> Instead, Peter told us he actually uses exactly the workflow I use
> myself, outlined a week ago,

In his personal repo, not the master repo.

> No problem at all. I couldn't put in the amount of time I liked to put
> in anyways. The list of open source projects I'm participating in is
> simply too long and getting rid of PCB will do me a favour.
> At times is was a joy to work with you, folks. I wish you all the best!

Sorry to see you go.  I was hoping you'd ask to become one of the pcb
admins, instead of just leaving, but I certainly understand the time
issue ;-)