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[Bug 954244] Re: Native resolution not supported on Sony P


Same problem here with a Mini12.  It was actually worse, because in addition to my resolution not being available, I initially had a black panel (although VNC'ing in looked just fine.)
     Ubuntu 11.04
     XOrg 1.9
     emgd 1.10.2209
     kernel 2.6.38-14-generic
     I used PPA "ppa:gma500/emgd-1.8" to get the downgraded Xorg and such, and then "ppa:jools/emgd-xorg1.9" provides an upgrade to emgd-1.10 for Natty (which is not supported by the standard emgd-1.10 PPA).

     I needed one patch -- in
/usr/src/emgd-1.10.2209/emgd/drm/emgd_drv.c I replaced all instances of
"2,6,38" with "2,6,39".  I don't know if the emgd source is wrong or the
Ubuntu source is modified, but emgd tries to pass 2 parameters to
several calls that in Ubuntu's 2.6.38 only take one.

     The short of it is I think the panel-detection code is completely
shot.  In my case it didn't detect my resolution, didn't have the
resolution as a choice, and also mis-detected the panel's bit depth and

     I ended up with a working screen.  It was convoluted though.  I
downloaded EMGD from Intel, unzipped it, ran the exe in wine (since they
zip a windows executable for some dumb reason.)  I went into the
extracted directory, in plugins/Pre_Packaged.Drivers_1.10.0/Linux/.  I
did a "tar -zxvf IEMGD_HEAD_Linux.tgz".  I went into
IEMGD_HEAD_Linux/Utilities.  I untar'ed CED-Lite.tgz.  If you load CED-
Lite/index.html there's a nice web page-based thing that'll make an
xorg.conf for you.  (I hope Intel doesn't mind) I attached CED-Lite for
your convenience, since it's SUCH an unholy pain to get to in the
default package.  90MB download, and wine, to pull 1MB of web pages and
stuff?  Yeah.

     Since I had a mini 12, I had to specify 1280x800 (to get the
resolution right), I *also* had to specify 18-bit single-channel panel
or I had a blank screen.  (24-bit single channel looked all psychedlic,
and choosing a dual-channel mode kept the screen black.)  This writes
"xorg.txt" in your home directory.  I moved it into
/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-emgd.conf and restarted.  Close but not
quite right.  I went into System->Administration->Monitors and selected
1280x800, it had picked 1280x1024 for some reason.  It remembered the
setting and now everything is cool.

** Attachment added: "CED-Lite.tgz"

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  Native resolution not supported on Sony P

Status in Intel® Embedded Media and Graphics Driver (Intel® EMGD):

Bug description:
  The native resolution on the Sony P is 1600x768.  I'm currently only
  able to set my resolution to 1366x768.  I'm running the following:

  Ubuntu 11.10
  X 1.10.4
  emgd: 1.10.2209
  kernel: 3.0.0-16 (i386)

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